Tom Holland joins Asa Butterfield as Marvel’s Spider-Man frontrunner


The race for Marvel’s Spider-Man role is currently hotting up even more than it already has. And that’s exactly how I see it, as a long marathon style race with breakouts from the pack and chases and all sorts of other drama.

Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien made an initial break from the rest of the pack but only until Dylan O’Brien was prematurely announced as a the winner. However, the actor himself admitted that he hadn’t won the race as he had a false start and the whole thing was restarted.

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The second time round five of the younger actors made a break for it, with Asa Butterfield, Timothee Chalamet, Nat Wolff, Tom Holland and Luke James all going for gold. But then after a few more miles Butterfield had struck out on his own and had taken the lead.

Now, we can bring you the latest live development from the extensive marathon race to win the coveted role of Marvel’s Spider-Man and … What’s that Devin? Asa Butterfield has been caught by none other than Tom Holland which means there are now two people at the front of the pack… Blimey what an exciting development!

That’s right Devin Faraci of the Badass Digest, sorry, I mean Birth. Movies. Death tweeted the stunning news backed up by incredible sources and with a strong factual foundation on May 1st

We’ll bring you more updates on the race for Spider-Man as and when they happen but for now, as always it could literally be anyone. Also, this article is one extended tedious metaphor, and for that I am not sorry!

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